Emotional Alchemy
Kundalini Dance™ is an ecstatic embodiment practice for women and men of all ages, experience and fitness levels. It has been taught worldwide since 1992 by Leolah Antara.

Kundalini Dance taps you directly into the energy flows of creation. When aroused through the dance, Kundalini Shakti (the sacred feminine universal vital force from the Earth) moves softly and ecstatically through all aspects of your body – physic, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual -, inspiring you to return to authenticity and openness.

We can feel the universal energies of the Divine Masculine as the light of pure consciousness, a clear crystalline presence that brings clarity of mind, mental focus and higher consciousness.
When the two polarities merge within, the dancer is opened to deeper connection with the highest possibility of life, love and community.

Trough simple movement, breath keys and intuitive dancing, Kundalini-chakra Dance invites you for a higher emotional transformation.

“May your heart glow golden, may you feel deeply and may you awaken beautiful places within you that you never new existed.”
Leyolah Antara

Each dance is devoted to a different chakra - energetic centers in our subtle bodies -
and its aspects:

Aspects & Energy of Root Chakra:
  • Connection with Mother Earth
  • Money, work and abundance
  • Family, community and tribe
  • Feeling home and sense of belonging
  • Grounding

Aspects & Energy of Sexual Chakra:
  • Vital Life Force and Sexual Energy
  • Awaken Sacred Sexuality 
  • Creativity and Fertility
  • Body and Health
  • Sensuality

Aspects & Energy of Solar Chakra:

  • Inner sacred fire
  • Personal power
  • Full radiance
  • Warrior or Wild women
  • Boundaries and Fierce love

Aspects & Energy of Heart Chakra:

  • Love and Compassion
  • Giving and Receiving
  • Opening and connecting our hearts
  • Connection and care
  • Healing the wounds of the heart

Aspects & Energy of Throat Chakra:
  • Expanding and sharing our unique expression
  • Conscious and authentic communication
  • Expressing the truth
  • Integrity

Aspects & Energy of Third Eye Chakra:

  • Vision
  • Intuition and inner guidance
  • Consciousness
  • Silence of mind

Aspects & Energy of Crown Chakra:
  • Bliss
  • Sacred Union
  • Co-creation
  • Manifestation

M a y   w e   d a n c e   o u r   f e a r s ,   l i m i t s   a n d   g o   b e y o n g . . .