Mayan Astrology
The Mayans were excellent astronomers and mathematicians, and their passion for this latter discipline stems in part from the fact that they understand that each number also represents a divine quality. Each number vibrates at a different frequency, with the galactic center each earth day emanating a creative force associated with a number. Then arises a matrix 20x13 = 260, where each wisdom is assigned a different number.

The sacred calendar Tzolkin comes to us grace to the "counters of the days", that rigorously follow its count from the origin of the Mayan civilization until the present day. This tradition, kept secret until a few years ago, was transmitted as a guardian heritage as guardian of time.
This wisdom was directly transmitted to me by Sonia Pereira da Nimaja, who, in turn, received this wisdom from the Chi-Mam (Mayan priests) during her stays in Mexico and Guatemala. The Mayan priests gave her permission to pass this knowledge.
For the Mayans, the time has arrived foreseen by them in which humanity is prepared to receive this teaching, as a collective initiation.

“Remember that, both in the Classical Old World and in the current Mayan Traditional World, the first thing to do is to take the newborn to the presence of the day counting sage, the Chi-Mam, knower of energies, for one should not roam the world without the conscious of a purpose in life, without knowing ones capabilities, tendencies, dispositions and distinct cycles, both positive and negative.”

Don Isidro

Each Mayan symbol of the Tzolkin calendar represents a type of energy that the center of the galaxy emits daily (terrestrial day). It comprises 20 different wisdoms / hieroglyphics. On the other hand, it consists of 13 different numbers.

“We need this knowledge to be able to be in harmony with Mother Nature and the cosmos, by discovering our way and by unifying our purpose. Our abuelos warn us that this ancient tradition should not be treated as a curiosity; it should not be seen as a hobby, nor should it be used with selfish intent. Instead, it should guide our growth at all levels – physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual.” Carlos Barrios

In Lakéch - Mayan salutation: "I am you. You are me."

I invite you to accept this compass
to guide you in the path of your Life

A tool, which you will receive in the form of recording, for your moments of doubts, insecurities, hesitations.
But also an opportunity to get to know yourself better and more deeply.


A very symbolic price for the preciousness you will receive ...
Accept, enjoy it to the fullest!
Each Map is a pearl of incalculable value!

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Mapa da Vida
Life Map
It is a study of cosmic and telluric energies, which will accompany you and influence you throughout your entire life: the essence of life that sounded in the moment you were conceived; what is your origin, your merits and the mission that you came to develop in this existence; which are your strengths, your blockages and the challenges to overcome in this reincarnation. This study allows you to acquire a profound knowledge of who you are, how to balance your internal energy, and how to live a more fluid life in sync with universal forces.
Serpente da Vida
Serpent of life
This map contains an astrological study based on the great Mayan cycles of 52 years, and their influence in a person’s life. In this study, we’ll perform the full description of the 13 stages of your life. For each stage, we’ll analyze the mission, karma, challenges, commitments, strengths and tools that you have in that moment in time. We’ll make a deep analysis of your life since your birth: past, present and future. It is an excellent tool for self-knowledge.
Mapa Anual
Annual Map
For each year that goes by (starting at your birthdate), Mayan philosophy identifies, at a profound personal level, the energies that will be present throughout the year to help and guide you: your task or learning for that particular period, as well as the possible challenges that might be present during that particular year, and that should be identified in order to be overcome. This will be a good map to make close to your birthday.
Mapa de relacionamentos amorosos
Couple relationship map
To the Mayans, our duality or complement was always our mirror, with whom we should learn and evolve together. In this map, we’ll approach several subjects pertaining to the couple: learning together, performing tasks together, overcoming challenges, overcoming missions together, karmas, etc.
Mapa Lunar
Lunar map
This was an essential map in the feminine Mayan priestly path.
 In this ancestral map, we’ll approach three aspects of the feminine essence: the lunar sage, the lunar heart; the mission; the challenge, etc.
Mapa solar
Solar Map
This was an essential map in the masculine Mayan priestly path.
In this ancestral map, we’ll approach three aspects of the masculine essence: the solar warrior, the solar mind; the solar mission; the challenge, etc

Mapa de Vidas Passadas
Past Lives Map
This study allows you to understand patterns and karmas that repeat in your lives, which may exist to be freed in this existence. In this study, you will understand what might have been incomplete in your previous existence, and which learning experiences you’ll have to repeat. When we face missions or challenges for the second time, we understand the importance of that particular subject in our lives, and with a new conscience, we can transform it.
A Mayan Astrology Map is like a compass that guides us in the path of life... With a new vision, it is easier to transform it into a sacred adventure of spiritual growth.
Certified by Sónia Pereira of Nimaja - Casa Cultural Pré Hispânica