New Moon Ritual - Women Circle
Women Circles are an age-old practice that brings women together to be heard, bear witness, share authentically, and be inspired to rise together.
Each women agree to share personal experiences and stories, rather than opinions, to speak one-at-time, and to listen without judgement.
In this circles we recognize everyone as equals and asks for attentive listening and authentic expression.

This gathering will be held in my personal Temple and a Temple is a portal trough which we see each other, tickle, inspire, sometimes even drag each other until we find ourselves basking in those magical realms where our devotion and recognition of beauty is almost unbearable.
Surrounded by glowing faces, unmasked, free and totally welcomed, ecstasy is rippling trough the room like golden honey, erasing any trace of separation between us...

Each practice we explore in the Temple and Circles are rituals empowered by intention and we have to experience them through our bodies. Our motivation is to embody and fully live our spirituality.
Here spirituality does not follow dusty dogmas. It is spirituality felt intimately as each breath enters the body, as the body opens to every sensation with such intensity that there is no space for any evaluation.

All women are welcome.
I speak in English, Spanish or/and Portuguese.
New Moon Ritual - Women Circle
28 September 2019
7 - 9 pm
KAN Temple - Enzianstrasse 4 4102 Binningen
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New Moon Ritual

New Moon Ritual
28 September
7 - 8pm

Enzianstrasse 4 , Binningen

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By donation

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This women gathering have very limited places.

Lets blossom and rise together!