Tuesday 27 August, 2019
Dakinis Retreat
The Dakinis Retreat was a journey into the Mandala of the Empowered Feminine.
The dark days of the moon invited all of the women to dive deeply inside... and to make an inner journey towards the hidden places to be embraced with fierce compassion.
The Dakinis gave to each of us strength and motivation to go on and never give up.
Also help us to gain new vision and clear clarity.
Trough meditation, sadhana and silence the eyes of intuition guided each of woman towards light and wisdom.
The Mandala was our Map.
The transformative practices the cauldron of emotional alchemy.

Blessed me for holding the sacred space for this special women circle.
May the benefits of these 4 days in Karuna, Algarve, bring love and light to all planet and all beings!

A La La Oh!
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