Friday 14 February, 2020
Where is my Temple?

My temple is a little paradise at my home in Binningen.
It is a very special room full of light and good energy! Here you will find all that you need for a yoga session or a massage/ritual.

And I love my garden... it is an extension of my Temple!
There live the guardians of my Temple and my lovely green allies: my precious medicinal plants!
Wednesday 14 August, 2019
All ready for a massage with aromatic oils.
The oils are completely organic with essencial oils and herbs.
The room is a Temple for meditation, yoga and contemplation.
We can inale pure vibes.

Thursday 06 June, 2019
“Equanimity is said to be an anchor. It protects you against the “worldly winds”— pleasure and pain, praise and blame, gain and loss, and fame and disrepute—by keeping you anchored so you’re not tossed about by those winds.”

—Daisy Hernández