Saturday 21 March, 2020
Message from the Dandelion:
“Look at me, I am here for you... I am very medicinal and nutritious food, with an amazing storehouse of beneficial properties.
I am a very spring tonic and a highly effective cleanser for the liver and kidneys.
I am here to help you cleaning and strengthening your liver as well the land itself. Do you feel the urge of a deep detoxification? Not only for liver and kidneys, but also the Earth!
Tuesday 10 March, 2020
Message from Primrose:
“Through my very clear and pure healing energy wash away extraneous mental activity... melt in your heart obsessive thinking and let grow the calm and the secure sense of connection with Earth.
Receive my light and joy and uplift feelings of heaviness from your heart, releasing stuck patterns, and restoring hope.
If you feel stuck or confused, let me help you to clear your mind and your vision.
It is time for new beginnings and creative energy needs to flow unimpeded and without judgement.
It is time for deep transformation.
Friday 14 February, 2020
Where is my Temple?

My temple is a little paradise at my home in Binningen.
It is a very special room full of light and good energy! Here you will find all that you need for a yoga session or a massage/ritual.

And I love my garden... it is an extension of my Temple!
There live the guardians of my Temple and my lovely green allies: my precious medicinal plants!
Tuesday 27 August, 2019
The Dakinis Retreat was a journey into the Mandala of the Empowered Feminine.
The dark days of the moon invited all of the women to dive deeply inside... and to make an inner journey towards the hidden places to be embraced with fierce compassion.
Thursday 06 June, 2019
“Equanimity is said to be an anchor. It protects you against the “worldly winds”— pleasure and pain, praise and blame, gain and loss, and fame and disrepute—by keeping you anchored so you’re not tossed about by those winds.”

—Daisy Hernández
Sunday 05 May, 2019
“We have our mind and our thoughts, and they can rev up emotions. But if we use our emotions as the object of meditation, as our friend and support, it’s like standing on the bank of the river and observing.”

—Pema Chödrön, “Meditating with Emotions”
Thursday 25 April, 2019
Guiding a Cacau Ceremony on a Retreat in Portugal.
Blessings from Tonantzin, Pachamama, Big Mama, Om Gaia... What an honor to receive such a nectar for the Heart!