About me
Timid, shy, introverted, innocent, feeble, ill, hidden in a fairy world - that’s how I remember my childhood, when the adaptation to the real world was extremely hard.  

I was seen as the pretty girl, quiet, well behaved, but the image I had of myself was quite different… I felt like the “ugly duckling”, the one that didn’t play with the other kids, and that preferred to stay alone in her enchanted world.

The adaptation to the real world wasn’t easy, and it took a lioness scream to recognize that I carry in my heart the “sword” of wisdom, a feminine warrior energy...

“It took a lioness scream to recognize that I carry in my heart the “sword” of wisdom, a feminine warrior energy...”

It took the discovery of a serious double scoliosis at the age of 16 - which, according to the doctors, was going to incapacitate me for life – for the change to begin as a yoga practitioner...

I’ve been through a lot of Yoga and Meditation styles, as a practitioner, but also as a Teacher: Integral Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga therapy, Power Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Pulsing Yoga, Tibetan Yoga (Lu Jong, Tsa Lung, Tummo, Bliss); Tibetan Meditation, Mindfulness and Ripga; as well as many Tantric and Taoist practices...

I’ve practiced a lot, but I’ve also studied a lot... A trained biologist, I was an investigator in the biomedical area for 7 years until I decided to change and follow what my heart screamed!

In February, 2007, I left my “stable” job as a Senior Laboratory Technician in the Medical School of the University of Minho 

and I´ve started a new life...

I’ve trained in several oriental massages (dynamic reiki, ayurvedic, Thai, shiatsu, hot stones, Tibetan kum nye, tantric...), all of which I still currently practice and teach in a more intuitive and complete way.
I’ve created a line of natural, handmade cosmetics, which I produced myself, with recipes created by me, and to which I applied my vast knowledge in aromatherapy and essential oils, up to the point when I passed on that wisdom to someone very trustworthy…

I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine for 4 years, and later studied some Ayurvedic Medicine and Tibetan Medicine. 
For many years, I’ve spread through Portugal the vibrations of the Gongs and Tibetan singing bowls; in 2009, I published a CD, but when the time came, I’ve left that magical art to others… 
I was a student, and later a teacher trainer of the Integral Yoga School in Portugal; I’ve burned the midnight oil studying the philosophy of yoga from many different styles and traditions; for 5 years, I was a teacher trainer of Tog Chod and Lu Jong (Tibetan Yoga of the Tulku Lobsang Master Lineage) at the NMI.
I studied Hindu and Taoist philosophy, and I studied the Buddhist philosophy at a much deeper level… In Buddhism, I started with Zen, but it was in the Tibetan Buddhism that I found my roots. I specialized in Tibetan Psychology and Philosophy, including Tantrayan Buddhism, which is the basis of my work…

I had the blessing to be trained in Mayan Astrology - with the beloved sister of heart, Sonia Pereira -, a wisdom-guide of support and compass for life and a precious help for others.
In the last few years I have learned from many of the teachers and international guides ancestral practices of the Sacred Feminine from Taoism, Tantra and Shamanism... I have launched my roots in Mother Earth, I became her guardian, apprentice and daughter.
In Mother Nature I tune in with my cycles, I connect with the strength and power of the 5 Elements, with Sister Moon and Father Sun and in an eternal dance I marry my Sacred Feminine with the Sacred Masculine. Dakini was born, but since very long time I am conected with the Dakini Wisdom!
The dance emerges later in my life, but as a wave that takes me to new paths. The Dance of the 5 Elements arises and in Bali 2018 I was certified in Kundalini Dance by Leyolah Antara - a very important tool for emotional alchemy.

In Mother Nature I tune in with my cycles, I connect with the strength and power of the 5 Elements, with Sister Moon and Father Sun and in an eternal dance I marry my Sacred Feminine with the Sacred Masculine. Dakini was born!
That´s how she became what she is today...
Ana is still a bit crooked - but her scoliosis is less accentuated! The energy flows, pain is inexistent or extremely rare, no more splints on her shoes - just a perfectly normal life. Or maybe not that normal! She has climbed the highest point of Azores, India, USA and New Zeeland - sometimes carrying over 66 pounds on her back! She has rode a lot on bike, crossed the Swiss Alps, and went from Geneva to Vienna!
She has already stepped into Spiti valley, from Kasa to Tabo, in the Indian Himalayas, from monastery to monastery.
But she still wants to go to the pyramids of Mexico, the sacred lands of Nepal and the caves of Mongolia.

With its intense practices, the warrior recognized that her sword lies in the integrity of her heart, and that surrender is the right way to win... She became a woman more focused on the inside, full of life, love, and natural sensuality! 

She also recognized that, as all other women, she has weaknesses, emotions, vulnerabilities, fluctuations just like the waves of the sea! But, she learned that every time she embraces them with a loving presence, she turns them into feminine courage and strength!

May I, as guardian of ancestral wisdom, inspire many beings for the benefit of all humanity and the whole planet!
Ana Taboada
Recording of Mayan Map send by email
Rising the Dakini Wisdom in all aspects
Emotional alchemy trough movement, breath and sound
Every 13 day a new Mayan Cycle
Mayan wisdom
All the cosmovision, as well the Mayan Astrology I have learned with the "sister" Sónia Pereira from Nimaja - Casa Cultural Pré-Hispânica. I was certified as Mayan Astrology by Nimaja in June 2017. Sónia Pereira learn this ancestral wisdom directly from abuelos sages in Guatemala and Mexico, where she lives in the present moment. The Mayan sages asked her to start teaching this wisdom to the world because unfortunately much what comes to the west is not the original Mayan wisdom. I am in love with all this wisdom, a precious compass which guides us into all life.
Tao / Tantra Traditions & Yoga
In 2006 I was certified as Yoga Teacher by Yoga Integral School, Portugal, and in 2007 I became Yoga Master in Haha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga. Both titles were recognised by the International Yoga Federation.
Also in 2017 with the Master Tulku Lobsang I was certified as Lu Jong teacher and with this Tibetan master I went further in the Tibetan Yoga and Meditation with practices such Tsa lung, Tummo and Bliss… Tummo and Bliss are still precious pearls that are in my daily practices, complemented by other yoga styles and Tantra / Tao practices.
When I recognised I was needing practices directly connected to my feminine essence and vitality I found pearls from Tao and Tantra from a several international Tao / Tantra teachers, such as: Santoshi (organiser of the Ibiza Internacional Tantra Festival); Ronja Sebastian; Sonja Devi; Leyola Antara (…)
Buddhist Philosophy, Mind and Emotions Training
Since 2007 I study and practice Buddhist Psychology and Philosophy, as well Meditation and Mind Training, with the Tibetan Master Tulku Lobsang. I attended several retreats and educations oriented by this wise master: two educations in Buddhist Psychology; one education in Mindfulness Meditation: many retreats and several courses in Mind Training / Lo Jong, Heartfulness and Rigpa… these pearls make part of my daily life.
Concerning emotions training, how to embrace the fears and transform the emotions in ally, I have studied the crazy wisdom of the Tibetan Master Chögyam Trungpa. And with their disciples Pema Chödrön and Tsultrim Allione I have learnt how to smile to the fear and how to see my inner demons, precious teachings that open me to new ways to see and live life!
Authentic Relationships & Sacred Sexuality
Alone, but also with my beloved Christof I have been deepening my Authentic Relationship and Sacred Sexuality knowledge and practices with many courses and retreats. Together we made courses of Tantra Massage with Dijana and Amano of Berlin Spiritual Tantra Lounge. Several rituals of sacred sexuality to couples in Festivals and deepening our tantric practice with the international teacher Sofia Sundari. Always supporting our practice and couple life with a vast literature, such as the famous teacher David Deida.
More than teaching something we have learnt intellectually, we want to integrate more and more each teaching and each practice into our loving relationship and daily life… we wish to inspire more and more people, including couples, with our example that it is possible to keep and expand the love and passion; the devotion and sacredness; romanticism and erotism; the union and intimacy inside of a couple relationship.