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Massages for Women
My passion for massage began in 2004 with my first massage course: Dynamic Reiki. In 2005 I made an education in Ayurvedic massage. Since then I have not stopped my training: Hot Stones, Shiatsu, Thai, Tibetan and Tantric.
To complement my knowledge I still studied for 3 years Traditional Chinese Medicine, I took some courses in Ayurvedic and Tibetan Medicine. I also studied aromatherapy and since then I produce my own oils with essential oils and plants. Herbs and flowers are important allies in my massages and treatments. I plant, water, collect, dry and then I make oils, creams and other plant medicine.
Yoga (Hatha, Flow, Shakti, Tao & Kundalini)
I met Yoga at age 16 when I discovered a huge double scoliosis. According to the doctors the scoliosis was so serious that it could have blocked me of having a normal life. Yoga has just not relieved me of many aches and has greatly improved my condition, but also it has been a lifelong passion!
I graduated as biologist and worked as scientific researcher for 7 years. But in 2007, I give up of my job at the university to dedicate myself exclusively to Yoga and Meditation.
I started my main Hatha Yoga trainings in the Yoga Integral School in 2005. I became Yoga Teacher and, later, Yoga Master specialised in Yoga Therapy and Vinyasa Yoga. In 2007 I was certified as Tibetan Yoga Teacher and in 2011 I became Mindfulness Meditation Teacher.
Recently I have been deepening my Yoga studies with Ancient Tao, Shakti, Kundalini and Yin Yoga.
Dakini Wisdom
Buddhism is my basic philosophy and since 1995 I began to deepen my practice by taking courses, retreats, initiations. In 2016 after Vajravahari's empowerment I felt a huge calling to the sacred feminine in the Buddhist tradition.
I decided in 2018 to become a student of the Magyu Tradition - the mother lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.
As personal sadhanas, I regularly practice Green Tara, Chöd, Prajnaparamita, and Mandala of 5 Dakinis. I love to integrate some of the teachings / meditations in my Yoga Classes, Workshops or Retreats.
After completing my training as a Yoga Teacher in 2009, I took a Yoga Specialization for Pregnancy at the Integral Yoga School.
But 10 years later I decided to deepen my knowledge in a complete Yoga-Doula training. In this course I was trained in Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga; Mami & Baby Yoga; Birth Yoga. As a Yoga-Doula I can support pregnant women and mothers with Yoga, Nutrition, Massage & Ayurvedic Treatments, Emotional / Psychological Counseling.
Fertility & Cycles
For many years I studied and practiced sacred female sexuality. As I began to delve into the topic of sexual healing in women, an interest in female fertility and cycles also emerged. Both themes intertwine, relate to each other. I received practices from different traditions for fertility, tuned to the lunar cycle and adapted to different phases of the woman. I studied natural and ayurvedic treatments for menstrual problems, fertility and menopause. And I deepened the physiology and psychology of fertility.
Women Sacred Sexuality
From an early age I felt a fascination about this subject which led me to the Indian and Buddhist Tantra.
When I felt I needed a more feminine approach I had the privilege of finding Feminine Sexual Vitality practices from the Ancient Tao. I learned Yoni Yoga with several international teachers and deepened my knowledge in Sexual Alchemy trough practices of Kundalini Yoga and Shakti Yoga.
Kundalini Dance
Kundalini Dance™ is an ecstatic embodiment practice for women and men of all ages, experience and fitness levels. It has been taught worldwide since 1992 by Leolah Antara. The passion for dance and emotional alchemy led me, in 2018, to Bali to be certified in Kundalini Dance, a powerful art of Emotional Alchemy. Trough simple movement and breath keys and intuitive dancing Kundalini Dance invites you for a higher emotional transformation. The chakras are our map and the kundalini energy the fire for inner alchemy.

Mayan Astrology
All the cosmovision, as well the Mayan Astrology I have learned with the "sister" Sónia Pereira from Nimaja - Casa Cultural Pré-Hispânica. I was certified as Mayan Astrology by Nimaja in June 2017. Sónia Pereira learn this ancestral wisdom directly from abuelos sages in Guatemala and Mexico, where she lives in the present moment. The Mayan sages asked her to start teaching this wisdom to the world because unfortunately much what comes to the west is not the original Mayan wisdom. I am in love with all this wisdom, a precious compass which guides us into all life.