here you can find ancestral wisdom adapted to the needs of modern times...

From the age of 16 I travel all over the world to learn, practice and study the arts of healing and transformation for our body, mind and heart.
And as a biologist and scientific researcher, I became a lover and a student of ancestral tools of internal alchemy... it was from the East that I drank most, in the Himalayan mountains where I most felt at home. For over 10 years I have been studying, practicing and teaching Tibetan Buddhism. Dakini wisdom fascinates me and makes part of my daily practice.
But I also immersed myself in the "waterfalls" of Bali and in this land I rooted. There I made my certification in Kundalini Dance.
I also received precious wisdom from the Teocallis, Cenotes and Jungles of Mexico. Mayan Astrology and the Jaguar power of that land live in my belly.
I love to stomp on sacred lands and receive from these sacred journeys pearls to the path of transformation and liberation.

May my work inspire you and help you find what you are looking for... including discovering that all the answers and all your true potential already exists within yourself!

May I - as guardian of ancestral pearls of inner alchemy - be your guide on this path...

With grace, love
and respect,
ana taboada
About me
Timid, shy, introverted, innocent, feeble, ill, hidden in a fairy world - that’s how I remember my childhood, when the adaptation to the real world was extremely hard.  I was seen as the pretty girl, quiet, well behaved, but the image I had of myself was quite different…